Family Traditions and a Mission Call

Family traditions unite us and make us stronger.  We celebrated a sweet tradition yesterday.  My youngest sister, Mary, sent in her papers to go on a mission for our church.  After she sent them in, she endured an anxious but exciting waiting period of several weeks before receiving her call. 

The church could send her anywhere in the world.  She finally got the call yesterday.  It comes in a large envelope.  The letter she pulls out tells her where she will go. This is what she will be doing there.

But the tradition is that she must wait to open it until she can gather most of her family.  She came to our home to open it at 3:30.  She was ecstatic and jumpy and so happy.  She could hardly stand to wait for everyone else to arrive.  Sisters and brothers started trickling in.  We had to set up Skype because my mother is visiting my sister, who lives in Poland.  They wanted to be part of the opening of the call too. (It was past midnight their time). 

She kept playing with the letter until we finally got everything set up.  Then she opened it.  Guess where she’s going!  Salta, Argentina!  She was thrilled!  Two of my other siblings went to Argentina as well.  She will learn Spanish like they did.  She will be such an awesome missionary.  Congratulations Mary!    



  1. Becky! Thank you for posting this! You took some really neat pictures, I will treasure these.

    Your blog is so cute. I love it.

  2. Ahh I can’t believe Mary is old enough to go on a mission. That is so awesome. And look at your Mom the world traveler. Good thing Phillip broke her in by going overseas first. I think you and Dave should go visit Mindy next.

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