Our Cousin is Famous!

I am so very sorry that you have to slog with me on all of these end of the year school events, but at least you do not have to load your children, get in your car, drive in the rain and get your hair all wet.  Not that I’m complaining or anything.  Besides, I know you are all dying to know about Wayne County, the subject of Eli’s report.  I was feeling the project to be a bit tedious until I found a picture of our cousin, Gary Hallows.  His handsome face came up on our bing image search.  Seeing him smile at me just made my day. You type in “Wayne County,” and you can find him too.  I didn’t even know that he had been the President of the Utah Cattlemen’s Association.

He is one of my favorite cousins by the way because he is one of a kind.  He has offered to take us all on a cattle drive, and I am SOO ready to send all my boys with him for a summer.  Are you ready for it Gary?  No cussing allowed– unless you’re really mad. 


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