Ministering Angels

So we’re nearing the end of May, and it is still raining.  It’s been really tough.  I’m a sunshine girl.  May is one of my favorite months, and it’s been a let down this year because it has rained almost the entire month.    But I’ve been think how blessed I am to have angels in life to help me through rainy days.

One of my angels sits with me and my children at church and helps me with them.  Ricky loves her because she quietly sits him on her lap and write out all of the numbers to one hundred.  It keeps him quiet for the whole meeting.

She also came to visit me today, and she shared a message and an experience that was exactly what I needed to hear.  I had picked-up Ricky from preschool on Thursday, and I remarked to her how I needed to buy some bigger toys at garage sales.  When she came to visit today, she had two nice toys from her home that she said she didn’t need:  a rocking horse and a musical block cart.  My children love both of the toys.  It was so thoughtful of her.

Who are the angels in your life?



  1. My mother and mother-in-law and an aunt-in-law. They are so willing to help out with the kids…like last week when I locked the keys in the car and couldn’t get Mr Hare to his piano class – the aunt was only to happy to make that run for me. Love those angels. 🙂

  2. It’s been a learned skill for me too. Still not that hot at it. I think sometimes we forget just because we can do it all, doesn’t mean that we *have* to do it all. And certainly not all at the same time!

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