Garage Sale Mania!

I hate to brag, but we really scored at the garage sales last Saturday.  First, for the educational stuff including a Hooked on Phonics Set!  (Cassette tapes of course.  You just wait– it will be a collector’s item someday.)

We also got a bike, a dollhouse, a racecar track, a remote control car, and a push cart for under—oh, I forgot it’s rude to talk about money.  I won’t say, but if you ask, I’ll tell you!  This weekend was bliss.  The kids were so busy playing with their new toys that they forgot to fight with each other.  They were that good.

These were my favorite.

Deborah loved them too. We did have to wipe a few things down, but that’s way eaiser than having to assemble things and dispose of the boxes. We also got to shop in the sunshine, and we met some really cool people because people are a lot more relaxed and sociable at garage sales than they are at Target. One of the ladies I met had quadruplets. They were so six years old, and they were so cute.

Your money goes 10 to 20 times further at a garage sale than it does at Target plus you don’t have to pay sales tax and there are no lines or dweeby seventeen year olds trying to get you to sign up for a credit card. Your kids love going with you, and they never have to ask to borrow money because they have enough money to buy what they want. “Really?” they ask. “This is only a quarter?” So that’s why I garage sale.


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