Someday I’ll Be Lazy . . .

Do you ever have a week where you feel tired and burned out, and you actually have big plans of being lazy, but the laziness just never happens?  Really, you have good intentions of lying around and doing nothing, but instead you change diapers, haul a child in and out of time out, look for lost shoes for the 12th time that day, make chicken nuggets, sit through a piano lesson, try to load a broken dishwasher–you know how it goes.  Our best plans of complete idleness are way laid by yet another thing to do.  Ugh!

I just want you to know that tonight, the mission was accomplished.  I laid on the sofa and watched parts of two inane Sandra Bullock movies and tried to solve a crossword puzzle (which made me feel quite inane).  My camera has not been charged and so pictures will have to wait.  Should I find a cute picture from a long ago or go to bed?  Hmm.  I guess tonight is your lucky night.


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