Memorial Day

I’m sorry I haven’t posted yet.  It was such a big weekend, and I have scads of pictures, but I can’t seem to find my camera.  It was sweet to be with family though and to remember those that have fallen for our country.

Our family is still reading this book:

It’s a perfect Memorial Day book.  We read it every night before the boys go to bed, and I always read too long, and still, they beg me to read more. Louie, an Olympic runner and bombardier, crashes with his crewmates into the Pacific Ocean.  Only three of the men survive the crash.  They are lucky enough to secure the life rafts, but unlucky in having hardly any supplies.  Their resourcefulness is astounding.  They deal with attacking sharks, shooting planes, and typhoons.

When they finally make it to an island, it is occupied by the Japanese.  What they endure there is horrific.  I’m not reading everything to my boys since some of it is pretty strong, but it sure makes you appreciate your country.  It also help you appreciate the strength of the human spirit.  Louie is certainly one of my heroes.



  1. Can’t wait to read this book. Thanks for posting it. Will get it on my nook and read it in West Virginia this week.

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