In Mama’s Shoes

Today I took my five kids to Seven Peaks Waterpark.  All by myself.  I am so very tired.  It was delightful to watch Deborah and Ricky revel in the water although Deborah kept trying to drown herself.  She loved the deep end.   I didn’t take the camera with me for obvious reasons, but I thought I’d share this picture I took of Deborah on Sunday.  She LOVES my shoes.  She’s quite capable in them too.

I should have put the kids to bed before I started typing.  I don’t know where they are .  An hour ago my neighbor brought Deborah back to me.  Apparently she had been casing the streets.  As you can imagine, I’m not feeling particularly qualified to share any parenting advice with you tonight.

And I’m sorry that I haven’t share too much in the recipe department either.  I’m actually a good cook, but I’m dealing with summer burn out right now.  Yesterday, I took all the kids to Wal-mart, and I paid a high price to keep them quiet.  That is why we have gummy bears, Almond Joys, Kit Kats, a multi-pack of chips, licorice, and Captain Crunch.  In fact, we collectively finished off the first bag of Captian Crunch before we even made it to check out.

Last week, I did decide to keep my week simple my doing varations of three simple things:  salads, smoothies, and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Marta Stewart gave me the idea on the sandwiches.  Unfortunately, we also had three pounds of breakfast sausage at the front of our refrigerator which is almost gone.  We still have our kale though!  Where are my kids anyway?  I better go.



  1. Beck, this post is hilarious for many reasons. Why the h are you taking your kids to 7 peaks by yourself? And to Wal-mart? Sounds like torture. I won’t even take my two girls to the grocery store on my own. No sir-ee.

  2. I wouldn’t take all my kids to the store in the summer unless absolutely necessary. YIKES> Now the water park and flying for vacation…I have no choice with the military lifestyle. I take the kids to do stuff all the time by myself. As long as it is fun they usually do great. And the story about you losing your child. ..hmm I think we all have done that. But it reminds me of your Mom. Several times a summer my Mom would return Bonnie or Mary to your Mom after they had wandered up to the top of the hill by Larsens or at the stop sign by the Foust’s.

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