The Second Step to Better Eating

I always eat so much healthier if I write a menu plan at the beginning of the day, and then sign my name at the bottom.  I consider it a contract.  I have a little magnetized notepad I keep on my refrigerator, and I cannot eat anything until I have written down my menu plan.  It stares me down in the morning when I just want to grab a piece of cheese.

I’ve even made a commitment that for the next 30 days, I will not eat anything until the day’s menu plan is written.  There is some leniency.  If we’re hitting a wedding reception that night, I might write “one small plate of food and one dessert,” since the menu is unknown to me.

Today I made something so simple and delicious, I knew I had to share it with you.  I bought the super thin (Thomas brand) bagels at Costco.  They are under 100 calories each.  We toasted them, spread a thin layer of cream cheese on them, and piled on scrambled eggs, two thin slices of ham, cheddar cheese, and spinach.  It’s a supped up version of the Egg McMuffin sandwich and boy was it delicious!  It’s a good high protein way to start the day, and even get in some veggies.



  1. I found the same thing, although approached it a little differently. I wrote down everything I ate for 30 days, and it certainly made me stop and think about grabbing a small something. After 30 days I found I didn’t need the food diary anymore, although would do it again if I found I was slipping. (15kg down over the past year, and around 6 to go…I think 15kg is around 66pounds but I’m not sure).

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