Making Homemade Jam

One thing I love about summer is making, I mean eating, homemade jam.  I processed jam once (cooking and cooking and cooking), and now I just freeze it.  It’s WAY easier, and it tastes better too.

It’s easiest to just wash them, take off the stems, and then lightly pulse it in the blender.  You just add your sugar, lemon juice, and pectin*, and you’ve got jam.

You can freeze it in tupperware or freezer bags, but I prefer the mason jars.  I feel like I’m a bona fide canner with those jars, even though I’m  not.  You can buy the smaller 8 oz. ones, and they make a perfect gift with a loaf of bread.

*Instead of pectin, I use ultra gel because it uses more fruit and less sugar.  The recipe calls for 4 cups mashed fruit, 2 cups sugar, 2 TBS. lemon juice, and 1/2 cup ultra gel.  I’ve also used both agave nectar and whey low in place of the sugar.  The agave nectar worked ok but it does not taste as sweet, and even tastes a bit tart.  I would recommend replacing the agave nectar 1 for 1 instead of the usuall 1 for 2/3 that is recommended.

The whey low did not dissolve well, and left the jam tasting grainy.  Sugar still works the best.


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