Buying a New Van

OK so I am totally excited because we finally got a big van.  Super big.  Like 12 passenger, I feel like I’m driving a bus van.  We have been needing one for a long time.  We got a great deal on it, it has 28,000 miles on it, it takes natural gas (which is only $1 a gallon), and we get a $2500 state tax credit for buying it.  Cool, huh?

It also carries the advantage of being my signature color, red.  My Kindle, my phone, and my planner are red simply because they don’t get lost so easily.  The same is holding true for the van.  Yesterday, we walked out of a water park and we spotted the red van immediately.

So why am I struggling with the fact that it is, in fact, red?   I always wanted a red car.  But I was thinking more along the lines of a Miata.

I told Dave that if we bought the van, “It will be the neighborhood icon.”

“More like the neighborhood eyesore,” he replied.  He may be right.  The redness just accentuates its great huge ugliness.

I really didn’t think I cared at all about my image, but I might care just a little teeny bit.   The same small dealership has a black van coming in sometime in the next few weeks, but they have no idea what kind of condition it is in.  Should we exchange the van in for the black van?  Assuming I can do that?  The problem with a big black van is that it’s like you are trying to hide the fact that you have a large ugly vehicle.  Wear red, and be proud.

I’ve also looked into getting part of our van painted white.  Like this.  And here’s the e-bay address in case you want to buy one.   Of course this is a cool VW and we have a huge Chevy so painting the top half white might be like trying to be cool but failing miserably.   What do you think we should do?



  1. I love it the way it is…leave it! I hate the white vans….they are church buses out here in the bible belt. And guess what we are moving compliments of the AF back to Hill AFB in 2 months, got to love the Air Force. See you soon. Me

  2. Great and not great…Leaving friends and our setup is no fun when we thought we had another year…but at least we have people we already know in the state that love us.

  3. Oh man, that’s a pretty big van, and pretty red too. Hmmm… Maybe you could paint some cool black design, like the twirly fire coming out of the sides. Can you at least put it in your garage? Man, I can’t believe you drive that thing! I mean that in a good way. If you’re going to really drive it, you’ve got to drive it proud. That’s the only way you can do it.

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