July 4th Party

What a day!  I love the 4th! It started with a rainstorm, which was actually a gift.  It made for a pleasant after at my aunt’s.  Here are the cousins.

My favorite picture. Playing catch.  Mom is not so sure about this.

Flirting, of course.

Waiting in line

A winning hit.

Still in love.

Her mother made this dress.  Isn’t it adorable?

What did you say?




  1. Love it! Thanks for posting these pics… I was sad I couldn’t be there with all the cousins. I can’t believe how much everyone has grown!! Hopefully we’ll get together again. Beck, I’m finishing up my France trip. So, I know your dream is to go to Paris, but I say don’t bother! At least in July it was so hot, crowded, and dirty, not to mention crazy expensive. we stayed in the most budget crummiest hotel chain and it was almost $400/night. On the other hand, we are in Strasbourg now, and it is sooooo beautiful. I am slightly biased since I served 6 mos. of my mission here, but it really is just so quaint and nice. It’s kind of a hidden gem. Not many tourists, and not too big, not too small… a beautiful canal that goes through and bridges and flowers everywhere and architecture and a huge gorgeous cathedral. Anyway. I was wishing you could be with us tonight because I know you would LOVE it.

  2. The big plastic slide looks like loads of fun… Should try that sometime. Your little girl is very cute and the boys are getting so big.

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