We’re back swinging

We’re back! It’s time to blog again because– I have time?  No, I have my own kids and extras running around downstairs. They pulled out the plastic rat.  There has been lots of screaming and running and occasional crying.   It is mysteriously quiet now, and so I’m taking that as a good sign.   I am the don’t ask kind of mother.  Silence is rich.  Don’t mess with it.

So really, I do need to get down there, but I am going to get back to this blogging thing because this is our history.  It’s important, maybe not to the whole world, but it is to me.  You never know how long you’ll be around in this life.  You’ve got to capture each moment while you have it.  So here is a captured moment.

We have the most amazing swing in front of our house.  Like it’s the kind of swing you would see in a movie, and you can swing sideways in it and pretty much clear our entire driveway.  You could probably clear the fence if you wanted as long as you can dodge the trees.  It’s a neighborhood attraction.  Come and try it.



  1. As a matter of fact I think I will try it sometime soon. I need to come see you. I love the pic of you and the baby. Oh and I love your hair. Good thing you got it done before coming to lunch with us. Mel

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