School Carnivals: Why Do We Go?

So school carnivals have to be the ultimate test of a parent’s love.  They rank right up there with diaper rash and all nighters.  And yet there’s also some form of parental pride involved.  You know you’re committed.

So here is our local pandemonium.  Did I mention  how much the kids love it?

That little bouncy house on the right was a child’s death trap.  In fact, one did get trapped in between the cushions and my mother had to wade into it to rescue him.  The poor child’s mother couldn’t because she had a babe in arms.

Which brings me to another point–do not go to these things alone.  My husband was out of town, so I called my mother and informed her that school carnivals were part of her grandmotherly duties.  God bless her.

Our children were loaded up on adrenaline and sugar when we left, and they actually had the nerve to think that we were going to watch a family movie together when we got home.  They were flipping through the Netflix offerings when I said, “Eli, take care of Deborah, and Davy, take care of Ricky.  Go upstairs.  I don’t want to see you guys again tonight.”  I know.  Not epic parenting.  But I was tired.  I watched a beautiful little French film and went to bed.  All in a day’s work.



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