Peter Pan List #1: Raft Down a River

I never would have had the nerve to do it… to go down a river without a capable guide. But I had just finished a meeting with my friends where we talked about all the simple things we meant to do with our kids, but we’d never got around to doing. Play hopscotch. Fly a kite. Raft down a river.
So when another mom offered to take some kids up the canyon to float down the river, I hopped in the car with them too. I’m kind of a package deal, toting a five year old and three year old with me, and I was… well, you decide… either very brave or incredibly naive. 
I knew we were in over our heads when some experienced kayakers intervened. I don’t know what tipped them off that we needed help. Maybe it was because I was wearing a straight skirt (without a swim suit). Maybe it was because I was putting floaties on my five year old.

Experienced kayaker looking out for us

For whatever reason, one guy started pumping our raft while the other said things like “Don’t EVER stop paddling,” and “Now if you flip over your raft…” and “Be careful of the bridge… stay on the RIGHT side and you should be OK.”

I’ll tell you how things went tomorrow.


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