Peter Pan List #2–Make a Lego Table to Play with Your Kids

Cole has been so much into legos I knew I had to get him a lego table. I searched online for hours in order to find the perfect one but they all had two problems:

  • 1st problem – They were ugly and old fashioned
  • 2nd problem – They costed $200 or more!
So after an afternoon spent at Rebekah’s house and seeing Cole play with a large Lego plate I decided to make my own Lego table.
The first thing I did was order the largest Lego plate available at Amazon for $15.  I got a 15 inch plate. 
The second thing I had to do was to find a cute modern table.  I fell in love with a red one at Ikea for $12. 
Third and last thing I needed was a drawer system installed under the table for lego storage and this was the most tricky part. 
I finally found the hardware I needed ($12) and went back to IKEA to get a $4 red plastic bin from their TROFAST storage system.
Putting everything together took 15 minutes. Then I waited overnight for the plate glue to dry.  Total price:  $43. 
Next day I had this AWESOME table ready to play!



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