Getting Down to the Core of Things

So a couple of days ago I was talking about how I was having some second thoughts about doing a Sand Bucket list or Peter Pan list or whatever you want to call it. 

One of the many kids I feed

The thing is, I don’t think I’m known as the “fun” mom.  Like when Mother’s Day rolls around, my kids usually talk about how good I am at fixing them dinner and doing their laundry.  It’s not exactly what I’m wanting to hear.  I wouldn’t mind, “She plays soccer with me, draws really cool comic book characters, makes silly faces,” but I guess  that means I would need to start doing those things.   

Not to get on the defensive, but isn’t the fact that I’m feeding my kids and keeping them in clean clothes enough?  It’s not like I can really let up on these things.  If I had my druthers, we’d just go to Chuck-A- Rama once a week and try to get in our 21 meals there.  Even two meals a day would make things so much easier, but three?  And the fam is just not flexible at all.  They just expect to eat ALL of the time and of course while they’re eating, they’re getting food all over their clean clothes.  It’s such a double whammy. 

Sort of helping me with the laundry

But still, there is something deep in me that wants something more.  I was trying to figure this all out when I heard the amazing Jennifer Brinkerhoff speak. I even bought her book, Living Your Covenants Every Day


It’s a book with an LDS perspective, but its themes are so very universal.  It’s about removing yourself from the daily busyness to take the time to reflect about who you really are, what you were put on this earth to do, and just how you’re going to have the faith to actually do it.

The thing is, she’s talking from experience.  She’s had the courage to get down to the root of who she is, what her deepest desires are, and then, despite all her fears and doubts, she ACTS on those true desires. 

When she was just a young girl, her church had a special fast for the people in Ethiopia, who were suffering from a serious drought.  After the family fast was over, she stood up and said, “I am going to go to Africa!” 

Her mother said, “Oh no, you’re not!” 

Still, that was something deep within her that she recognized even as a child.  And so several decades later, when she heard two women speak about their work in Africa, she went up to them after the meeting.  It didn’t make any sense to get involved—she was caring for her sick mother, she had a full time job, she was getting a PhD, but something deep within told her she had to get up and go talk to these women!  A few months later, she found herself in Africa—knowing it was her time to be there. 

Jennifer has a lot of amazing stories like that. 
(to be continued)


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