Frameworks and Stuff

In the last post, I said I was worried that trying to do a Peter Pan list, a list of all things I wanted to do with my kids before the grew up, would just add to my already hectic life.

I don’t want Peter Pan to be just one more thing on my list of things to do.

But maybe, just maybe, I want my Peter Pan list to be everything. Maybe it could be a framework–a list of the most important stuff I want to do in my life.

A framework is defined as ” a structure for supporting something else. So what is going to be the support of my life and our family life?

Jennifer Platt talked about frameworks too, in her book Living Your Covenants Every Day which is probably why I really identified with her. 
Jen’s framework for her life is what she calls her “daily rituals of contentment.” She made a list of her daily rituals at the back of her book—and WOW! No wonder she’s so awesome. I loved how she said she was going to each chocolate every day:)

Knowing how I get really excited about things and then do overkill, only to burn out the next week, I’ve decided I’m going to add to my daily ritual of contentment list slowly.

And the first thing that has become so clear to me is that I need to do is start praying more—praying more to thank God for all the amazing blessings he’s given me and praying more for my friends and family.

Right now, I am so grateful for my sister Bon. Can you believe it? She just talked about this blog on her very popular and well known blog, The Life of Bon. She’s sent hundreds of you over, and so thank you for being here! If I can send just a handful of friends over to her blog, I will! Check it out because she is so HILARIOUS!

What are some of your daily rituals of contentment?

Tomorrow, check out our visit to Chalk the Block! And later this week—will I have the guts to play soccer with a bunch of six year olds?  


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  1. I wouldn't look at the Peter Pan List as another “to do” item on your busy schedule. I would look at it as your escape, your “me” time, or your outlet. It should then feel like good therapy to write on the blog. 🙂 Keep it going you are great!

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