Chalk the Block 2

Shanna and kids at Chalk the Block at the Shops At Riverwoods in Provo, UT. Amazing! The pictures were fantastic and we had a great time. My favorite thing ever…realizing there are so many colors that go into making natural skin tone. Second favorite thing…seeing all the artists covered in chalk. Half the time the kids were pulling me along to see the next one and the next one. The other half of the time, we were losing one child or another who stopped to gaze at their favorites. Somehow, we totally missed seeing Rebekah and her kids at the event.

Christopher and Gabriel – 2 cool brothers

An artist had created the perfect photo-op turning Zoey into a butterfly. 

My personal Grand Prize Winner. Seriously, look at the skin tone!

A little Eastern Influence- creating beautiful symmetry without a computer. 

Zoey and Gabriel in front of Zoey’s favorite picture. My intense Zoey is upset that I did not get a good enough picture of the chalk drawing so she could frame it and put it in her bedroom.  Silly Mom.

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