The A -Team.

So do you remember these guys? 
It’s the A-Team!!  They drove around in this really cool black van, saving the day wherever they went.  And nobody messed with Mr. T.  NOBODY.
So guess what.  This blog has it’s own A-team.  I’m not kidding you.  That’s why we are going to rock!
 1. The Yapper.  That’s me, I can write or talk about anything.  Some of you may have noticed that staying on topic is a bit of challenge, but hey, I ALWAYS have an opinion. The worst news I heard from a seasoned blogger is that my entries should be between 150-200 words.  WHAT??????

2. The Techie. That’s Maria.  This girl is a computer engineer, film editor, photographer, and she is absolutely brilliant.  She also can speak Portuguese.  Her favorite thing to say to me is, “Look, Rebekah, it’s easy—-“  She says this to me as her fingers are tapping and sliding all over her phone, showing me how to Instagram.  She’s a magician, that girl.  And I, her amazed audience, remain completely and utterly stupefied.  Maria is very good news for me as Blogger tends to make me cry a little. And swear a lot.  But Maria’s already helped me through several crises.

3.  The CrafterThat would be Shanna.  She can do anything, let me tell you.  She can make prize winning Pinewood Derby cars, sew Cub Scout teepees, build garden boxes, and even keep her cool when helping twenty kids glue foam swords.  She’s so good, she could put together spare parts in her garage, build a rocket, and fly to the moon.   Hopefully I won’t drive her to that.  This is all such good news to me as I can’t walk out of a Michael’s store without wanting to shoot somebody.  Relax!  I’d only use a glue gun. 

4.  You

And when I mean you, I mean that you are our Mr. T.  Because let’s face it nobody remembers the names of the others guys.   I think I remember that one of the guys was good at computers and that another would not shut up, and the other one was always in the back of the van putting together pretty Easter centerpieces, but it’s been a while since I’ve watched it. 

What I do remember was that Mr. T was the heart and soul of the whole operation.  And he also wore gold chains.  And he had a Mohawk.  And getting back on topic here . . .

You are Mr. T because we need you to contribute to the blog. We’re serious here. 

We all have our sand bucket list buried somewhere in our brain, but life is crazy and hectic and exhausting, and we need you to inspire the rest us.  How would you like to hear from 

A mom who had three kids and then adopted ten more 

A mother of two who is a law student and student body president

A mom who just had her third baby as an expat in Germany

An amazing mom who runs a yoga studio and has survived cancer

A woman who was given a blessing that she would travel the world helping children.  (And she’s done just that.)

Hey, you know who you are!  Don’t think you’re getting out of this!  Because my other skill I’m bringing to the table is that I can badger like nobody’s business!  Love you guys:)  

Oh and I forgot the best part! 

The Van!!!! 

So is this not cool or what?  The A-Team had a black van with a red stripe.  We have a red van with a black stripe!!  

And that’s the bonus because once you contribute to the blog, you get a ride in the van with the A-Team!!!!  Seriously, once a month, we’re going out for a Ladies Night in van.  Don’t worry sis! We’ll come pick you up in Germany! 

It’s ok—we know this is what you’ve always dreamed of, but we can help you with that.  

I only mentioned some of you guys, but I could have written a list two hundred people long.  So what’s on your sand bucket list?  What makes it hard for you to make it happen? 


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