The Pros and Cons of Being Married to Survivorman

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Last time I told you how I was afraid to put one of my dreams on my sand bucket list.  That dream involved a hike up to a mysterious lake.  If you missed the first half of the story, then here you go.

So yeah, even though I’ve always dreamed of going to Moon Lake, I’m not sure I’ve got the chops for it. Then you’ve got my husband.  He’s like Survivorman on steroids.

That’s my hot honey.  Notice the walking stick .  And the who know what gadget he’s got? 

I got my first hint that we might have an issue when we went swimming together right after we got married. My husband was a water polo player in high school, an ALL-AMERICAN water polo player in case you were wondering.

He jumped right into the water and looked at me expectantly.  I dipped my toe in and said, “Honey, it’s cold.”

“Of all the ironies,” he moaned.  BTW, this is not the kind of thing you want to hear from your spankin’ new husband.

“Well maybe you should have thought about taking me swimming before we got married,” I replied.  “And just for that, I’m not getting in!”

Anyway, my Surivorman takes his group of scouts all over the place and they usually face certain death at some point.  At least that’s the way he tells it.  Last year, he came back from a 50-mile hike, and his feet were all blistered up and down, and he still made Sunday dinner.  (Hey, I had been home alone with the kids for a whole week, ok?”)

So this is the real irony.  I just found out that he’s already BEEN to Moon Lake with scouts.  Seriously, I didn’t even know until tonight.  I said to him, “I wonder where I could find a picture of Moon Lake.”

“Here,” he said.  “I’ve got one on my phone.”  WHAT???????????????????  He went ahead and did our dream without me!   Maybe he’s not entirely at fault here.  Moon Lake had not exactly come up between us before.  I wasn’t smart as that Ellie, making up a Moon Lake scrapbook or anything like that.

That wasn’t even the worse news.  The worst news was that the lake is all dried up!

Survivorman and the Scouts.  Moon Lake, or what’s left of it is behind them. 

Seriously, I still want to go.


This is the thing.  I don’t do tents.  I must have bathrooms.  Outhouses don’t count.  Nor do Porta-Potties.  I don’t like to carry stuff.  Like a backpack.  Or a three-year-old.  Or both.  I’m really into my down comforter.  I’m terrified of the wild life.  Bears especially.  Mice even more.

But those are the only things that are holding me back.  I do love trail mix.  Especially if it has M&M’s in it. And I could sing The Hills Are Alive if anybody asked me to.  I’m not quite up to par with Julie Andrews, but close.  No, not close.   Hey, Steph, wanna come?

This is my favorite move of all tine by the way.  The Sound of Music

I am married to Survivorman so he could probably carry me out if he had to. Seriously, even my kids are tougher than me.  But I’m thinking maybe I could start training now.  Maybe I could wear a backpack while I wash the dishes. Maybe I could sleep on our bedroom floor next to our little mouse path.  What do you think?

What are the things you’ve always dreamed of, but are afraid to go out and do?  Could your family actually help you make it happen?



  1. So how did you NOT know that Dave had been to Moon Lake? Doesn't he tell you where he's going? This was a funny story BTW. And I am so waiting for you to come and do the Sound of Music tour with me in Salzburg. I'm not doing it until you come.

  2. This is Survivorman (i.e. the husband, Dave). For the record, I did tell her that I had been to Moon Lake. Multiple times. Both before and after our 54 mile hike with the scouts. (A good backpacker leaves a map of where they will be an when, right?)

    Sheesh – and us husbands often get the bad rap for not listening to our wives!

    In her defense, it wasn't the highlight of the trip, so I really didn't put a lot of emphasis on it. While we ended up at Moon Lake, it was more like a rendezvous to meet the ride at the end of our hike. I was hoping it would be this gorgeous lake to cap off our King's Peak hike. But as you can see in the picture, it was a little disappointing – more like a big puddle. We were just by the dam and it is a very long lake. It was probably more spectacular further up, but we were just too tired to go look.

    Honestly, I didn't know it was one of her dreams. Maybe I should listen a little better….

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