Dory’s Got it all Figured Out

Glory!  Glory!  Hallelujah!  The planner was indeed at Shopko!  I am flying high now!  My captain! My captain!  I love you so much for helping me figure out where my planner was! 

Sheesh!  I’m feeling like I could hike to Moon Lake right now!  Anybody want to come?  Bring your trail mix! 

I’m been thinking about Dory in Finding Nemo and how much I have in common with her.  We both forget things, get distracted easily and have to count on our charming personalities to get us through.  But a close friend of mine pointed out that Dory always sings, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”  Hey!  I do want to be like Dory.   
Image found at comic vine.

My friend and I were talking today about how as much as we try to control our lives, our lives are so often out of control.  Why even bother with a sand bucket list at all?  Isn’t it doomed for failure?

This is my favorite picture of our family.  Yes, joyous, but a little out of control.  

Little do I know what’s coming up on me.
I still think it’s better to try.  I think that God sees my efforts and often gives me something far better than what I was seeking.  I was exhausted a few Sundays ago, and I went to lay on my couch for a short nap.  Little Shirley came and brushed and brushed my hair.  Sometimes she pulled a little too hard, and I had to tell her to be a little more gentle, but it was still the sweetest thing.  I just thought, “This could last forever and that would be OK with me.”  I didn’t ask for it, but this little girl gave me exactly what I needed.  It was a moment of grace.   

What has been one of your moments of grace?  


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