I’m not a Loser, Baby

 A lot of helpful people have offered me advice to help stop losing things.  The one I get a lot is, “You just need to think about what you’re doing.”  I try.  Really I do.

My only hope is that my blog will get enough of you readers out there that I can hire a professional finder.  I actually had a friend in high school who did this for me. She was very very talented at finding things so we complimented each other quite well.

My dear friend is in this picture.  But I won’t tell you which one she is.  I do want to stay friends with her. 

When I’d lose something, I’d go to her, and she’d very calmly say, “OK Becky, I can help you with this. Now when did you last have your Biology book?” 
My friend was honestly probably the kindest person I’ve ever met.  A bunch of us went doorbell ditching and she felt so bad that she went back to the old man and apologized.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t happy to have his doorbell rung the second time after 11:00 p.m. and so he just yelled at her. 

Still, at one point, I even hit the wall with her.  That would be when I lost her planner.  I can’t remember what exigency of mine demanded it.  (Exigencies were the norm for me.  Still are.)  I believe I needed her calculator for a test, and unfortunately, it was attached to her planner.  Of course she had a high end Franklin planner, a leather binder, and in the end it cost over a hundred dollars to replace it. 

You may wonder what this has to do with my sand bucket list.  It goes to the core of all my fears.  I’m always afraid to take on new things, bold things because I’m not even sure I can handle life on the most basic level.  Is it right to dream of bigger things when I don’t even know where my credit card is? 


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