What Do Mob Bosses, Shoulder Angels and Hobbits Have in Common?

I’ll tell you what mob bosses, shoulder angels, and hobbits have in common!  They are the targets of the comedy group Studio C!  I was really tired last night so the kids and I just sat and watched a bunch of Studio C videos.  You can find tons of them on youtube.  They were hilarious!  Thought we’d share our favorites with you!

A Police Officer Brings His Daughter to a Double Homicide on Bring Your Child to Work Day

Message from Above—Never Borrow Money from Your Mob Boss that Lives Upstairs!  

Shoulder Angel- It’s Always Good to Have your Shoulder Angel Handy if you Plan on Robbing a Bank!  

Gandalf Needs Some Serious Intervention Here.  Can His Friends Help Him with His Quest Addiction?  

Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!  



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