Smore’s for Family Night

Purpose: Fun Family Night Roasting Marshmallows in a fire pit.
Stumbling Blocks: 1. Everyone smells like smoke at the end.
2. Marshmallow roasters are messy to clean up and store. 
Steps to Success: 1. Try new fire pit. 2. Create convenient storage container for marshmallow roasters.  
Results: Great evening that was so much fun we attracted about 8 neighbor kids.  Everyone was so excited that they couldn’t wait.

We received a Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa a few years back. It is a portable fire pit made from half of a metal barrel. They actually took it to a welder friend to have it made with handles, but I found this fun tutorial if you want to try it your self. It’s been sitting around for a few years because…because… well to be honest it’s because we had different fire pit. Here’s the kicker though, I hate that fire pit. It made everyone and everything smell like smoke and sometimes the kids would poke the fire with sticks and knock hot coals off the side. I always appreciate a campfire experience, but we don’t use it very often because of the smoke and the mess the marshmallow roasters make. On Monday, I decided it was time to break out the “new” fire pit for family night and roast some marshmallows. But first, to the Workshop! Check out the next post for a tutorial on making your own Marshmallow Roaster Bag.


Toasty Perfect

Couldn’t wait for coals and got a little burned
Passing out the marshmallows
The Marshmallow Roaster Bag


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