Chalk the Block Revisited

So playing with sidewalk chalk is something I would never ever do if it hadn’t written it on my sand bucket list.  I’m not one of those girls that likes to get her pants dirty.  But as soon as I suggested doing sidewalk chalk, my children were out the door, even though I was still on the phone with my bank.  I remembered I had a load of laundry to put away so I ran in to do that while my kids got started without me.  Carpe Diem has never come naturally for me.   But what I found when I got back was priceless.    

I learned to draw comic book characters in elementary school, and I rocked at it.  Really.  I had the peanut face down pat. 

And forget Olay.  Drawing with sidewalk chalk made me feel thirty years younger.  I loved the way the chalk scratched the sidewalk.  It was such a soft, soothing sound.  No wonder kids are always so relaxed.  

Pretty good, huh?  

Then we drew a hopscotch board.  I haven’t play hopscotch since the 3rd grade.  Shirley couldn’t hop with one foot, but she sure tried! 

I don’t mean to get sappy on you because I’m not a sappy kind of girl, but I sat back against our Chinese Elm and watched them hop and hop and hop.  I felt like I could have sat there forever.  The weather was perfect, the grass was soft, and my children were happy.  Joyous.  So was I.  

I know I’ve been waffling about the sand bucket list in my earlier entries, but after the sidewalk chalk, I’m committed.  

Four more things for the sand bucket list. 

1.  Play four square with my kids  (using sidewalk chalk of course).
2.  Teach my kids to appreciate opera. (Quit laughing!)
3.  Play jacks with the kids. 
4.  Learn the names of 50 birds with my kids.  

Have you ever played with sidewalk chalk before?  

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