Are Bloggers Happier Than The Rest of Us?

I’m sorry.  I know I promised I’d give you more of my opinions on chivalry, but that will have to wait until Monday.  Something happened to me last night, and I thought that I should write about it.

Last night I had to ran to get some medicine for my sick husband.  While I was there I saw a young woman, probably in her mid-twenties, hunched down in one of the pharmacy chairs.  She was crying so hard her body was shaking.  I sat down by her and asked her if she was o-kay.  Such a dumb question.  Of course she was not o-kay.

She told me her husband was very sick.  I got the sense that it was quite serious.  She was really scared.  I asked her if she had any children, and she said she had a baby.    
What do you say to someone like that?  I asked her if I could help.  I hugged her and told her I would pray for her.  I wish I told her how much God was watching out for her. 
I have prayed for her, but I’m so wishing I could have done more.  It reminded me again about how little control we have over our lives. 
Not a  bad picture.  I forget how much crying we dealt with that day.
This isn’t the first time I’ve started a blog.  I’ve always like the idea of doing a blog, staying in touch with friends, keeping a family history, organizing my pictures, and just trying to make the world a little bit more understanding. 
But I’ve also had some serious concerns about blogging.  There are just some things you just can’t publish.  It’s been said that a good story needs conflict.  Like all families, our family has plenty of conflict going on.  But I don’t really want my son’s first date to say, “Remember when you got in that huge fight with Reed?  That was so funny!”

I used to read more blogs, but I felt empty after I read them.  I got tired of looking at babies with designer clothing, hearing about bloggers’ perfect husbands, watching skinny bloggers eat hamburgers and French fries, and seeing them throw parties that would even impress Martha Stewart.  
Why we will never be a fashion blog.     
I even got jealous over one blogger’s incredible cool sofa.  Here’s my sofa in case you were wondering.  It hides dirt really well.  
I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with these blogs, but I’m not sure that’s the kind of blog I can do.  So do I celebrate life and still be real?  How do I be honest without compromising the privacy of my family?  I’m still not quite sure.   
There’s a few things I can say about me that might capture a better picture of my life.

1.     I loved school, majoring in English and economics before I got my law degree. 

2.     I’ve decided to stay at home with my children which turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be.  But I’d do it again.

3.     I have trouble remembering my passwords.

4.     I hate shopping.  I avoid shopping for groceries, I don’t like trying on clothes, I loathe parking lots, and I get antsy waiting in line.   

5.     I do like libraries.

6.     I love music and try to sit at the piano every day to play a little Beethoven or Chopin.  It doesn’t always happen though. 

7.     My most fervent wish is that I no longer had a mailbox and that my children quit bringing papers home from school.

8.     I have more bathrooms than I can keep clean.  Don’t ever use our main floor bath.

9.     I love reading to my children before they go to bed. 

10.  I have issues with Christmas. 

11.  I love Thanksgiving.  

12.  I looked in the mirror this summer and noticed that I’m getting old.  I went to Walmart to buy some beauty products.  They didn’t help.  Maybe I should try Nordstrom’s. 

13.  I love yoga.

14.  I love loading up my van with children.  

What are some of your challenges?  Despite your challenges, do you think you could write your own sand bucket list? 


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