Women and the Priesthood: Part 2. (With Hilarious Videos)

I’ve realized that I just can’t really articulate why I don’t feel I need the priesthood.   Perhaps it’s because I see just how much my sons do need it.  I’m so glad that they get the priesthood at the age of twelve, just the time where’s it’s easy for them to be pulled into gaming and pornography, two addictions that really make it hard for them to become true men.  I’m glad my boys are held accountable every week as they must be worthy to pass or prepare the sacrament.

And yet at that very age of twelve and thirteen the boys are so different from the girls.  I taught the 12-13 year old Sunday school class and while the girls were answering questions, the boys were leaning back on their chairs, flicking each other, and snorting at each other’s jokes.    

I am sure that if the young women were asked to collect fast offerings, they would do a splendid job.  They would not have to pull any of the other young women out of their beds to get them to do it, they would not stop to eat frozen taquitos at their friend’s house, nor would they throw hatchets in their neighbor’s backyard halfway through their route.  The young women would finish an hour earlier than the young men, the leaders would give the young women larger assignments, and the young men would be happy to have another hour to play on their iPod.

I’m not saying that the girls are in any way better than the boys, but they are so different at this age.  My boys are growing so fast, they’re hungry all the time, they’re always bumping into things, they need so much sleep, and their executive function skills are a little bit—stunted right now.  One of Reed’s teachers put it best when he said that his spirit was too big for his body.

And that’s what’s so wonderful too.  Their spirits are so HUGE–so spontaneous, so fun, and I’m filled with wonder at it all.  I admire the boys’ courage, their energy, their camaraderie, and I love how they push each other to hike 50 miles and to sled down glaciers with their sleeping pads.  Watch how crazy they are sliding down this glacier.

The boys have this amazing energy and the scout and priesthood channel it—helping them to be good providers and fathers.

Like I said.  I can’t explain.  I tried, I really did.

What crazy things have your boys done?


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