How Not to Spend Your Saturday

On Friday night, I posted on craigslist and KSL
On Saturday we got up at 6:20 a.m.
We pulled things out of the attic
We brought our laundry organizer outside 

We brought down lots of hangers
We hung up lots of clothes
We arranged our toys, our clothes, and furniture on our driveway
I ran to the store for poster board, markers, and small cash
We made lots of posters that said, “Garage Sale.”  

I drove the van out of our cul-de-sac and taped a poster on its back door.
I drove our car out of our neighbor and taped a poster on its back window.
I taped up more posters on the busy street outside of our neighborhood.  
I walked home.
I got really cold.  
I sat and waited.  
My boys took turns running the sale.  
Four hours after our sale, we loaded everything in our van.
I drove the van to a donation center and dropped off all of our junk.
We made $27.  


  1. I hope you didn't give away that old barbie house! Did you? That was what Mary and I played with growing up and I would love to have it. I didn't even know you had it.

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