Land of Make-Believe Turns into Land of Terror

So this sand bucket thing is getting a little exhausting.  Remember how I said that one of my things on my list was to play with our puppet theater?  Just for the record, I really did get down on my knees and give it a go, and now I know why the kids don’t play with it that much.

It was a gorgeous day, lots of sunshine, aspen leaves fluttering all over our back deck, Ricky and Deborah so excited that I was going to actually play with them.  Really, it seemed promising.

I started out as the knight and Deborah was the cowgirl princess, who I was supposed to protect.   Ricky was the dragon, and he just pounded the poor knight to death.

“Ow! My arm!”  I yelled.  “I mean, Ow!  My whole entire knight body!”   My arm was taking some pretty serious abuse from the dragon, and sorry Mr. Rogers, this was not feeling like the Neighborhood of Make-Believe at all.  

After the knight was dead, I tried being a police officer.  He went to the doughnut shop, and the dragon showed up again.

I tried to cooperate.  “Hey, dragon, if I give you a doughnut, will you be nice?”


“How about three doughnuts?”



“No doughnuts!  I want to be bad!”

“Ow!  My arm!”

Unfortunately, Ricky and Deborah were determined to follow the exact same plot no matter what puppets we used. I’m thinking that maybe I shouldn’t have let Ricky and Deborah watch King Kong the night before.
Anyway, I can say I tried.  Maybe I should just try one more time.  What do you think?

Feature here:  A slow motion reenactment of the fight with the dragon and the knight.  Scroll down really fast and it will feel like a movie.



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