Do Princesses Wear Curlers?

So I don’t have too much to write about today except that we are looking at changing the name of the blog.  Thepeterpanlist forces us to compete with Disney, which is never a good idea, and try as we have these last few months, we have not been able to buy thesandbucketlist domain.  We thought we had it, but the guy in Indiana has gone dark on us for quite some time now. 

I can’t tell you the new name yet, since we are still in the process of buying it, but I will tell you that it involves a princess (because I have one of course).  After having all my wild boys, we finally got a girl that is 100% royalty.  I’m spoiling her rotten so I don’t see things changing anytime soon.

You should have seen her ordering around Ricky today in the grocery store.  “Don’t talk!  It’s my turn to talk!  Stop talking!  Now!”

One of my problems is that Snow White and Ariel are the authority on everything.  They hang out on her wall by her bed, and whenever I try to teach little Debi something, Ariel or Snow White have a different opinion. 

Deborah hates curlers and really hates her curly hair.  “Princesses don’t wear curlers!” 

“Yes, they do!”  I said.  “They wear them in the morning when you can’t seem them, but their hair is so thick and curly when they sing in the movies.  They must wear curlers.”

“No they don’t,” she answered assertively, pointing at Ariel.  “Ariel can’t wear curlers in the ocean!”  Point well taken. But what does Ariel know?  She’s missing half her dress.

The truth of the matter is, (and I’m ashamed to admit this) I love little Debi just a little bit more when her hair is curly.  I certainly treat her more like a princess.  

Vote, will you?  Do you like her better with curly hair or straight hair?

Straight hair

Curly hair

So what do you think?  Curly or straight? 

Do you have any princesses in your home?   


  1. Haha. C hates her curlers too. Em doesn't help when she makes fun of her curly hair. So I only force it on Sundays. Maybe Deborah doesn't like them because you make her wear them everywhere. it seems like every time i see her she's in curlers. She's adorable either way, but I know what you mean. I LOVE it when C has her long blonde locks. So cute.

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