Smoothie Accident!

So Ricky got a bit excited when he drank his smoothie today, and he was very upset with me when I took this picture!

Yesterday, I took Ricky and Deborah to watch their older brothers play volleyball at the church volleyball tournament.  Church is the operative word here, since they let everybody play.

Brought back memories of when I used to play at those church games.  I was always called at the last minute to go, when the boys on the team needed one more girl or else they’d have to forfeit (half the team had to be girls).  I was the one they called when they were really desperate.

I think I was a good sport to go at all, given how horribly I played.  Most of the time they acted like I wasn’t even there, running right over me to get the ball.

Last night, it was so fun to watch the kids play though.  I just loving seeing so many youth together.

Didn’t you know?  Fourteen year olds aren’t allowed to smile.  
Eli was a joy to watch.  He was like this every time his team won a point. 
What sports did you play when you were twelve and fourteen?  


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