Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Bananas and Pecans

I’m finally coming out of denial about all of our family’s food allergies.  I’ve told you that I’m a food snob so my cheeses and my breads are pretty important to me.  But alas, no more!  I have given them up for the higher good who is sitting on my lap right now.  
I’m facing this baby!  I can still make mouth watering food without beef or dairy or yeast or milk or flour or eggs or cheese or —-well, you just watch me!  I’m even going to share a recipe or two sometimes, and I know that given my last post, you may not think I can pull it off, but I’m a pretty good cook when I want to be.  Given how much I like to eat, I can be highly motivated.  
So this week’s winner is the steel-cut oatmeal with banana and lots of other good stuff. 
Three cups of water
Two cups of steel-cut oatmeal (preferably fast cooking from Costco)
Two bananas
Pinch of salt
Brown sugar or real maple syrup (optional—the bananas make it sweet enough) 
So here’s the trick.  Are you paying attention?  Right here.  I’m going to tell you right now.  Are you ready? Blend two bananas with three cups of water.  Yep, in your blender, like you’re making a banana water smoothie.  Put it all in a pan with a pinch of salt and two cups of steel cut-oatmeal. Cook for five to seven minutes if you’ve got the Costco quick cooking brand or 45 minutes if you’ve got the slow cooking kind.  
Add soy milk or whole milk, pecans or walnuts, brown sugar or real maple syrup to your oatmeal, and you will have something so divine, you will just die.  It’s that good.  Eat up and let me know what you think!  


  1. sounds good! We eat steel cut oats every day and they are yummy. I never bought the quick cooking kind though and it only takes 20 minutes to cook the regular ones to chewy (not crunchy – not soggy) perfection. Will have to try the pecans instead of almonds. Try cooking it in water and then adding cinnamon, a tiny bit of brown sugar and diced apples…mmmmm. Also a teaspoon of almond butter takes it to a whole new realm.

  2. Ok, I'm going to sound like a dork, but what are “steel cut” oats? We get Quaker Oats. Do they count? And is it ok if the bananas are a little bit over ripe?? I'm definitely trying this.

  3. It should work with quaker oats. Steel-cut are more akin to like a cracked wheat kind of oat–that's their texture. David hates regular oatmeal because he thinks its too mushy, but he loves the steel–cut.

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