The Fabulous Show I’m Going to Watch This Weekend. Ten Bucks Says You Haven’t Even Heard of It.

So you know my last blog entry about whiny kids?  Scratch that!  Davy just looked at my title, How to Cure a Whiner Baby, not realizing that I was the author, and said to me, “Wow mom.  You really need to read that article.” So much for parenting advice.      
It’s been a good week, but a long week, so all I really have to offer you is how I plan on getting some R & R this weekend.  
I’m watching Foyle’s War, a wonderful period drama about a detective solving cases during World War II. I really like period dramas, mostly because I like to see people who dress smartly.  People dress so casually these days, and most of the time we look downright sloppy.  I mean how often do you see a man wear a vest and a suit coat?  When is the last time you’ve seen a woman wear a scarf or a pretty hat?  
Pictures are a courtesy of Foyle’s War
I love how the series weaves history with mystery.  In 2013, where we are so focused on our own selfish interests, it’s refreshing to see a period of time where people just couldn’t afford to be that way.  And if they were scoundrels, well then, they got to reckon with Mr. Foyle.  
The best thing about Foyle’s War is Foyle himself.  He hardly says anything, but then he says it all with just one look.  He’s unpretentious, careful, deliberate, and has the moral backbone of a dinosaur.  He believes in doing the decent thing, even though it often hurts his personal interests.  When he’s in the middle of untangling a complex murder case, he still looks out for the people that aren’t even germane to the mystery, the boat captain who needs his boy back to rescue stranded soldiers, the German man who is unfairly interned, and the immigrant widow who must go back to her hostile country.  He takes care of them all.  I hope he can take care of the tired housewife tonight too.  I think he’ll do just fine.  
You can check out three of this season’s episodes on Masterpiece.  It’s right there, once you scroll past the Downton Abbey stuff.  Hope you enjoy. (By the way, The Paradise is also a fabulous series which can be found on the same site.)  

U-huh.  There’s romance too.  

What are some of your favorite shows or movies?


  1. Just started watching this show per your and Nancy's recommendations… haven't been able to stay awake through a whole episode though! IT's so bad, I mean not the show, the fact that I can't stay awake past 9:00 these days. Ben loves it though. And Foyle reminds me a bit of Dad or one of his brothers. Like a mix between Donn and Dwight or something. Anyway, I like it for that reason.

  2. Oh, and you would love it here in Germany… the women don scarves all the time… and men dress smartly too. Wish I could get Ben to dress that way. He sticks to his shorts and t-shirts.

  3. Oh I'm glad Ben likes it! I hope you can get more sleep Mindles! But going to bed is a good idea–maybe you should watch it in the morning—when you have laundry and shopping to do.

    I wore a scarf to church today. I'm ready for Germany!

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