The Neighborhood Halloween Parade

Our neighborhood parade is one of the highlights of my year.  I love how we are all outside, enjoying one of the last beautiful days of the year, the leaves on the trees going out in a blaze of glory, the kids so decked out in their costumes, giddy about all the candy they know they’re going to eat.     
I’m sorry that I was a grouch yesterday.  Sometimes, I have a bad day, I write my quick entry, and then I hit publish.  At the end of the day, I think, “What have I done?” 
I learned a few things though about how to manage my halloween better.  The first thing I learned was that I shouldn’t volunteer to help with one of my children’s Halloween parties.  We’ll do the Valentine’s party next year.  
This is what we made for it.  The teacher wanted something healthy and festive. But it added to my busy day.
I did get a little teary though when Ricky said to me, “You’re so sweet mom.”  That made my day a bit better.  

Second, learned that I shouldn’t try to tell my kids what they should be for Halloween, especially if it involves a flying monkey.  I was just grateful he was such a good sport about being being a scarecrow.

Third, I learned that my three oldest boys were incredibly creative and resourceful.  I love that about them, and next year, I’ll trust them more.  I also won’t insist on a theme.

Fourth, I learned that I do want to have more fun with costumes next year.  But I think I should start earlier than October 30.

Fifth, I should try dressing up like my mother-in-law next year, just like Maria did.

Sixth, I shouldn’t cave into the cupcakes on my third day of my cleanse diet.

They do look good though, don’t they? 
Finally, the Halloween Parade makes everything better.  I love my neighbors and friends.  

Isn’t he handsome? 




  1. Love the pics and what a fun tradition! You're lucky to know your neighbors so well and have that consistent strong sense of community. That's what I miss the most being in the military. There's so much coming and going… it's hard to establish meaningful, long term relationships. Love the Oz costumes. Well done!!

  2. Such WONDERFUL OZ costumes!!! You are Super Mom!! The Captain looked great and what a lovely witch you make. I bet your neighbors just love your family!

  3. Is Ben the flying monkey? I'm impressed that you got them all to participate. And where in the world did Dave get that long jacket? Also you should have told me ahead of time and I would have loaned Maverick to Debra. He would make a perfect Toto.

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