Flirting, I mean Social Skills 101

The Captain was shocked when a pretty girl at the high school football game stopped to say hello to Ben, and Ben walked right past her.  The Captain kept emphasizing how pretty she was although he meant to add that she wasn’t as pretty as me.  Right captain?     
Anyway, we both agreed that our boys needs some Social Skills 101.  
My mother and my aunt are the two best flirts in the universe.  Maybe we need to get them involved. 
We were all in the family room, cozing by the fire, when we decided it was time to run through some role playing, something my Aunt Suzanne swears by if you’re serious about learning flirting social skills.  (More about my aunt another time.)  I sat by Ben on the fireplace and told him to pretend I was a girl sitting across from him in biology class.  “So Ben,” I said to him in my best fifteen year old voice.   “How was your weekend?”
“Let’s try that again,” I said.  “So Ben, how was your weekend?”
“Hi,” he answered.  This was going to take some work.     
“Uh, Ben could you try answering using more than one word?”  He rubbed his nose.  “Ok, so two things I would suggest.  First, tell her something specific you did over the weekend like you raked leaves or that you saw Ender’s Game.  The second thing you should do is ask her how her weekend went.  Ready to try again?”
“Oh and do you think you could look at me when you answer?”
“So Ben, how was your weekend?”
“I had to rake leaves for hours in my yard.  Like all day.  But I did see Ender’s game and that was cool.  How was your weekend?”  
“BINGO!”  I said, despite his accusation that we were violating child labor laws.  “Perfect.”  
The captain drilled Eli next. “So Eli, wasn’t that math test we took so hard?  I don’t think I did very good on it.”
“I thought it was really easy.  I think I aced it,” he said.    
“So guys,” I explained.  “Even if you think you did really well on a test, you don’t want to go bragging about it, and you really don’t want to make other feel bad about it.”
“But what if I did great on it?  I don’t want to lie.”  So Eli.    
“Well what could you say?”  I asked.  We went around the room, zoning in on each boy, but all of them were completely stumped. I mean, if you thought you aced a test, why not just say so?  
Finally the captain offered a good sample answer.  “Yeah, I remember last year when I got such a bad score on one of my tests.  That was really tough.”
“But I’ve never gotten a bad score on a test before,” said Eli. 
Well you just flunked Social Skills 101 exam kiddo.



  1. They become more motivated to work on their social skills when they are about 16 but it's never too early to start… don't want to alienate anyone – or their friends…

  2. True. And I'm not really keen on having them flirt yet—but the line is kind of hard to draw. Maybe that's why a lot of moms are totally ok with waiting for their boys to go on their missions first—-

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