Why Have People Quit Getting the Paper?

I told you last time that I would write a post explaining why people need to keep getting their morning paper. My brother, a former management consultant was asked a few years ago to help make a local paper more profitable.  I won’t tell you his name since he recommended a lot of consolidation (which is code word for layoffs) but in the end the paper had to do just that if it wanted to stay in business.  Newspapers have had a rough time of it lately.  Papers across the country are struggling with fewer subscriptions, fewer classified ads (as people use craigslist instead), and fewer advertisers.

Eli is always reading over the paper.  We’re counting on him to represent our family in Jeopardy.  

It’s easy for us to justify not needing the paper anymore.  So much of the breaking news happens online which can be reported within minutes after disaster strikes.  Most news agencies have websites that allow us to get information without having to pay a subscription fee and gathering the scattered sections of the paper at the end of the day can be a hassle.  But we still need to get our papers. This is why.

1.  Newspapers tend to offer better and more in depth coverage.   Online posts tend to be shorter which means that the analysis and depth are often shoddy at best.  I went to a bloggers conference and heard a very success news blogger say that a blog post should never be more than 150-250 words long. People’s attention spans are shorter online.  If your goal is to be found by search engines, it’s better to have more frequent and shorter entries than write longer and thoughtful pieces.  How long is 250 words?  Well I’m at 270 now which means I guess I’ll sign off as most of you have already quit reading.  Tomorrow I’ll continue my rant.



  1. I take the WSJ, paper edition. I was just told to renew will be over $500 a year, which gives me both digital and paper editions. I asked just for the paper edition – it is about $16 a lear less. I guess I'll switch to the digital and skip the paper.

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