Taking an Art Break

We just got back from our vacation and there is laundry to do and clothes to unpack and dinner to make.  Little Deborah is feeling quite sick so after we sent Ricky off to school, I told her she was due for some “mommy time.”  She crawled up in my lap, and of all books, we looked at the art book Passage by Faith by James C. Christensen.

 I just love his art, and so did Deborah as so many of his women look like princesses.  (The above image was found courtesy of Deseret Book.)

All of these images were used courtesy of Art County Canada where they also sell Christensen’s prints.

I love this one.  It’s called The Responsible Woman.  Notice has she is carrying, a book, musical instruments, keys, a candle, a baby, cooking utensils, a clock, and a broom.  Notice how she is flying.  I would love this print for Christmas or Mother’s Day.  Hint, hint, captain.  Again, prints can be found at Art County Canada in case you didn’t get that the first time, Captain.

This one is probably my favorite.  It’s called the Ten Lepers.   
I especially love the book Passage by Faith because it reveals the mind of the artist.  The right page has the picture and the left page has the story behind it.  I found a real kinship with the artist–he’s such a sensitive soul as am I, and it was comforting to know that such a great soul could also have feelings of inadequacy.  
Deborah and I only looked at the book for ten minutes, but it brought a sense of peace and beauty to my otherwise hectic day.  
I’m so looking forward to going to this art exhibit tonight at the BYU museum.  Info can be found at Sacred Gifts.  Apparently, BYU has been able to obtain some original art that has never been taken from its European castle before. 
I’m game for going again though so let me know in the comments if you want to go with me, and I’ll try to make it happen!


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