Haircuts and Spelling Bees

All the boys got their hair cut.  Don’t they look dashing?   
I sat with them on the couch at the hairdressers, giving Eli spelling words for the spelling bee.  To my complete surprise, Ben and Davy wanted me to give them words too.  They were that bored.   
I was so afraid I was going to ruin the moment that they were going to figure out how excited I was and that they would abruptly quit.  I tried to keep it down, but seriously, it was one of those moments where I was like, “Oh.  Yeah.  This is why I wanted to be a mom.”  I know, I know.  I’m a big nerd.  But I just learned this cool word—unctuous.  It means false earnestness.  Oily.  Ingratiatingly flattering.  I think it’s a cool word. 
We had a good run at the hairdressers.  All four of my boys are very competitive.  My favorite part was when I gave Ricky the word, wee. “It means really small, Ricky.”
“It  is W-i-i?”
I think it’s time to go unplugged at home now.  I think we’ll become better spellers all around.


  1. Lol… funny post. So, when did they catch on to your subdued excitement? That is a funny pi. Davy is too cool for school and Ben looks like he's going to strangle himself… maybe he does hate spelling that much! Wii… classic. I'm actually thinking of getting one for the fam… you know, to pass the winter months away. What do you think? Is it too addicting? IT looks like they have some fun games the fam could do together like the dance ones. I know the girls would love those. And there's some couple ones too for our date nights in, which is basically the only kind of “date nights” we have.

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