A Great Game for High Energy Kids

During Thanksgiving break, we enjoyed the perfect weather of Sacramento.  We played a lot of tennis with all the cousins.  I didn’t grunt like Monica Seles, but I could feel one coming on. 

Kids love it.  I learned the game from a BYU (collegiate) tennis player.  His own coach made them do it because it helped them get quicker on the court.
This would also work for a party game as the racquets could easily be used on the lawn or it could be played in a gym. It’s would be perfect for cub scout or kids with ADHD, but now I’m just repeating myself.    

Here’s the rules.

1.  The first person to get four balls on their tennis racquet wins.

2.  The racquets are place on the ground in a diamond shape like bases on a baseball field.

3.  The moderator dumps twice as many balls as there are players in the middle of the diamond.  For example, if there are four players, she should dump eight balls.  Each round should last a couple of minutes so you may need to adjust the number of balls depending on the skill of your players.

4.  The players run to the middle of the court to get balls, but they can only pick up one ball at a time and put it on their racquet before they can pick up another one.  If you will notice, the little boy below on the left is cheating.

5.  Players can also steal balls from each other, but again they can only take one ball at a time.

6.  Again, the first player with four tennis balls on her racquet wins.

So here’s what the game looks like.

Yep.  That cute little girl with ponytails is stealing her cousin’s ball.

Note:  The kids can only play a few games before they are completely exhausted.  Try this game when your kids are bouncing off the walls in your hour.  In fact, I think when my boys get out of hand, I’ll make them put on their boots and play it in the snow.  

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