What Really Needs to Be Taught in Prenatal Class

Yeah!  I’m back!  It’s got me to thinking though.  How many bloggers are out there with FIVE kids and a teenager to boot? 

The five kids are a challenge as I’m too busy juggling them to even think straight.  Now that ought to be something they teach in prenatal classes.  Juggling. 

“Now what child is this for you dearie?  Oh.  This is your first?  Then you get one of our little blocks to juggle.  Wow!  Look at you go!”

“And how about you?  Are you here to be a supportive grandma today?  Oh!  You are actually with child yourself!  And what is this for you?  Five?  Five?!  Well, then.  Let me get you five blocks to juggle.  Oh dear.  Five seems a bit much for you.  Should we try three?  Still struggling?  You can do two, can’t you?”

That my friends, is what should be taught in prenatal class.  Not that I would know since I never actually went to one.  Now that I look back on it, it might have been a good idea.

My next post, Juggling Mom vs. School Christmas Program, shows where I did in fact drop the ball.


One comment

  1. Prenatal classes never really helped me. Maybe it's because taking medical classes for my Radiology degree pretty much covered the basics of childbirth and more. I think the juggling act lesson would have been more effective. LOL!

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