Yes, my boys really said this—

It’s amazing what comes out of the mouth of babes.  Deborah said something so hysterical last night, and today I completely forgot what it was.  When they say those great one-liners, I’ve got to record it, whether on my phone, in a journal, or on my forehead.  Just the act of writing it down helps you remember.  But alas I can’t remember what it was.  So here’s a few funny things I do remember from this past month—

Ben:  “It’s not fair!  I’m the one that has to do all the fighting, and Davy gets all the privileges.”

Davy:  My teacher is the best.  This is her first year so she doesn’t know anything yet.

Me:  Let’s hurry and say a prayer so I can go upstairs and spank some bottoms.

Ben:  “Hunger Games (the book) is so boring.  All they do is talk.”

Mom:  Ricky, why aren’t you watching the movie with us?  Do you like your computers games more than your family.

Ricky:  I like them both the same.

What are some great things your kids have said?  How do you record them?


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