A History Game That’s Hip?

The problem with so many games is that once they become educational, my kids refuse to play them.  They can tell right away when I’m trying to trick them into learning something.


See the kids huddle. Almost as good as a football game.

But Timeline was an instant hit.   The rules were easy, the kids were all begging to play (even as the adults begged them to go back downstairs), and everybody was learning history. I loved watching the kids huddle together and wallop after they placed their cards correctly on the timeline.

The premise is simple.  Place your cards in the proper sequence, and you will be put on the fast track to winning.  It starts out easy when you need to decide which came first: the pyramids or chewing gum, but it quickly gets harder as more cards are laid on the timeline. The cards are small, but they are beautifully illustrated.  It’s great to hear your kids ask, “Who was Attila the Hun?” or “Was Julius Cesar a good guy or bad guy?”  The game is fairly inexpensive at around $12 and can be found on Amazon.  They also carry an inventions series that can be played separately or played with the original Timeline history game.


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