The 5 Reasons Why I Should Not Be Blogging

So you may have noticed that I’m kind of an army brat when it comes to domain names.  We are on what?  My fourth URL address since starting last fall?  


Which brings me to all the reasons I should not be blogging. 

1. I have the computer skills of a Brontosaurus.  

My last blogger domain name was glitching quite a bit and instead of fixing it, I just went to one of my many old blogs and started posting on that.    

Besides, this domain includes my favorite name:  Hopefully, you guys can all remember that.  I told the captain that it was easiest blog name for me to remember and he said, “Well that’s because it’s your name.”  True.    

I called the BYU Service Learning Center for help yesterday.  The girl that answered the phone was so cheerful and nice.  I think I need to call somebody on that campus everyday just to hear a reassuring voice.  She was so happy to post my dire need for someone who can help me with wordpress, and they’ll do it as service.  That means that they’l’l do it for free.  I was tempted to ask her if she could also post help for cleaning bathrooms, organizing our office, and cleaning out all our leaves in the gutters.  Maybe I’ll ask her when I call today.  She’s seriously my favorite person right now, and I don’t even know her name.   

2.  I can’t stay focused. 

They say you should have a theme when you start a blog, and try as I might, I just can’t do it.   I never know whether I’m going to want to talk about gay marriage, my new bread recipe, or varicose veins.  Ugh!  I guess that’s why might be my best address yet.  Now when you read one of these random entries you can say, “Well that’s Becky for you.”  And then you’ll think, “Yeah, I guess this blog name works for her.  It seems to be as distracted as she is.”  

3.  I hate taking pictures.

I’m on my fifth child and everyone knows that you stop taking pictures by now.  It means I have to find a phone or camera, and then I have to actually connect it to computer which means I need to know where that stupid USB cord is.  It’s such a pain.  

4.  I hate that you guys all see my pictures.

Seriously, I would love to just do a pictureless blog, but since when has that taken off?  This brings me to another point—most bloggers seem to be these darling 20-something girls with just one baby.  How many 40-something women do you know that are blogging about their families or posting pictures of themselves, wrinkles and all?  I might as well sport a mini skirt and start chewing bubble gum.  

I’ve actually thought of going into partnership with someone.  Are any of you interested?  You can take the pictures of your darling family and post them, and then I’ll write it all up.  Don’t worry.  I’m really good at making up stuff, and I can be pretty funny.  I’ve learned that it doesn’t really matter what I write about as long as I can keep these fingers on the keyboard.  I’m kind of neurotic that way.

5.  I’m just making a fool of myself

There is something pretty terrifying about pushing publish post when no one has read it for you first.  I don’t care so much about the little grammar mistakes (o-kay I do care.  I was an English major), but what I really worry about is that I will say something absolutely outrageous that I can’t take back.  It’s been known to happen before.  

So here I am still blogging, and really I have no idea why.  It’s becoming a habit, one I can’t shake, and I might need to get some help for it.  

Are you a blogger?  Why do you do it?  


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