Need a Fan Club? Join the Club!

So I want to know is there really someone from Australia and Italy and Hungary and Switzerland and the Netherlands reading this blog?  That alone would keep me blogging!  If you are from outside of the United States, I would love you to introduce yourself in the comment section.  (Click on comments above).

The downside of blogging is that you often start to worry about your page views and followers, and sometimes you think your value as a blogger, as a writer, even as a person is somehow attached to that silly number.


Most of us spend so much energy trying to find more—more buyers, more followers, more readers, more fans, more admirers, more money.

But what if we looked at things a different way?  What if we decided to be the admirer instead?  There’s so many people that want to be appreciated and not nearly enough people that do the appreciating.  I want to thank all of you that have hit your like buttons our your share buttons and have left comments for my blog.  What it makes so so sweet is that you are all my friends.


I want to be a builder too.  Last night, my sons had a church basketball game, and my husband (the Captain) was coaching.  They playing at Heritage School, a residential treatment center for youth.  There weren’t a ton of fans there watching so we decided to cheer for both teams.

“Way to go with the rebound Nathan!”

“Nice shot #14!”

“Good pass Ben!”

“Great steal #6.”  I was yelling at the TOP of my lungs.

No one on the court actually bothered to look at me or thank me for being there, and for a minute that bothered me, but then I remembered that I’m not here for admirers—I’m here to be a fan.  My voice got a little hoarse at the end, but I couldn’t believe how good I felt.   Nobody had patted my on the back or told me I was talented, but both me and the friend who came with me felt so happy for cheering everyone else on.  I felt so good about myself, my sons, the other team, just the whole lot of humanity if you want to know the truth.  It didn’t matter that we lost the game—we are all on the same team, you know.


The Fan Club

So maybe that’s the way to go from now on—quit trying to be a star and just love being fan.  I was also inspired by this girl’s simple project—to uplift five people a day on facebook.  Have a great day and say something kind to somebody today.  It just might make their day.



  1. Hi beck. I’m currently in Austria, so do I count as one of your outsiders from the US? I really like your take on being a fan. Yep, lots of people who want to be admired, not enough admirers. I’ve been liking your posts which show up on my fb page so I know some of my friends have been reading your blog.

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