Why Is It So Scary To Do the Will of the Lord?


Why Is It So Scary to Do the Will of the Lord?  

For so long, the idea of completely submitting my will to the Lord sounded so terrifying.  He would make me do things way out of my comfort zone.  He would greatly add to my huge list of things to do.  He would disapprove of some of my time wasting pleasures and just give me more work.  None of that has been true.  I have slowly been testing the waters, trusting more and more and this is what I’ve found.

1.  For the most part, God wants me to do less

I’m surprised how often I hear that little voice, Don’t bother making the cornbread.  The chili and carrots are quite enough.  Or Your pants are clean enough.  You don’t need to wash them.  And yet how often have I not listened to that voice and done more than was really necessary? If my standards are higher than God’s standards, there’s a problem.

When He does ask something of me, He usually wants me to help one of his children, and sometimes even one of my children.  My husband and I were praying together one night and immediately after the prayer, I said, “I need to go talk to J—-  right now.”  I immediately got up and went to his room and asked him how his day had gone.  He started to cry, and for the first time that day, I actually listened to him.  I was also glad I had listened to the prompting that told me to check on him, especially as his day had been really bad and his problems were pretty significant.   When I act on those invitations to reach out to others, my load always feels so much lighter, and I feel a sweet joy that I’ve lightened someone else’s load.

2.  God encourages me to develop my talents and enjoy the things I love

When I feel the closest to God, I feel encouragement—Yes, go play tennis with your son or That’s wonderful that you play Brahm’s lullaby after your children are in bed or Yes, go ahead and write that novel!  I feel that He is so aware of me, that He gave me my talents because he loves me, and He delights when I develop them and find joy in them.

3.  God wants me to spend more time enjoying his creations

I find that I’m happiest when I close to the things he created.  Last week, I took my children out to the park.  Although it was just in the mid-thirties, the sun was shining down on us and I felt so warm.  My older three boys were playing a game of capture the flag with a dozen other boys in the neighborhood, Deborah was wandering to another playground, and I felt like I was being quite inefficient walking back and forth, trying to keep track of everybody, but the thought came to me, You are right where you are supposed to be.  I knew at that moment that that thought was absolutely true.  I felt so good absorbing the sun and crunching the melting snow with my tennis shoes.  I loved being near my children, watching them gingerly step on ice patches, run around in the parking lot, and laugh on the way home.

Why would I trust more in man?  Especially since

God created sunshine

Man created taxes

God created mountains

Man created automated phone prompts

God created trees

Man created the DMV.

My headaches come from man’s creations, not God’s creations.  Maybe a walk in the woods is the best way to find rest and relief.

So I’m finding that as I follow the will of the Lord, I tend to do less, help others more, develop my talents, and enjoy God’s creations.

In what way has following the will of the Lord helped you?  Image




  1. I truly agree with you! I feel so connected to The Lord when I am doing what he truly wants me to do. I feel that way when I sing, crosstitch, and relax with my family while reminicing about our lives.

  2. Love this! You always have the greatest insights. I think you are right that helping his children brings him the most pleasure

  3. This is so beautiful. I especially love the first one, that all of that extra fluff that so many people make a priority isn’t significant at all. People and children, that is what matters. I need to read this post like 20 more times 🙂

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