My First Snowman

This may surprise you, but I don’t think I’ve ever built a snowman before.  I’ve bundled up plenty of kids and sent them outside to build snowmen, and believe me, that’s no small production, but somehow I’ve managed to stay inside.  By the fire.


 But Ricky and Deborah came in after about ten minutes outside and insisted that they could not build the snowman themselves.  I assured them they could and sent them back outside, but they quickly came back in whining again.

Finally, I relented and bundled myself up, only to find discover that Ricky had unbundled himself and was sitting by the fire.

I went out, just a little disgusted, but I started rolling.  I really don’t think I had ever done it before.  The snow was wet, and that helped, and soon I was on my knees rolling my first ball.   It was funner than I thought it would be.  I would probably actually classify it as kind of fun.   Ricky soon made his way back out, and we finished rolling out three balls.  Then we tried to put them on top of each other. Then we called our dad for some help.  He’s our family’s heavy lifter in more ways than one.  He even found us some charcoal eyes.


Debi then took a picture of our finished product.  Just kidding.  Dad took the pictures below.   Then he said that he really did need to get back to work.

Ricky said the funniest thing about dads.

His aunt asked him what he was doing in school.  He told her that they were learning about veterinarians.

“Or really?  Would you like to be veterinarian when you grow up?”

“Nope.  I want to be a dad when I grow up.”   Sweet, right? But then he added, “So I can go to work and bring home lots of money.”




One comment

  1. Is Deborah wearing MY pink coat from like the 2nd grade??? Seriously?? Talk about a hand-me-down.
    I like your “classify it as kind of fun” comment. Well, now you have another thing to check off your sand bucket list, right? Did they name him Olaf?

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