How to Get Those Veggies in Your Diet

It’s so easy for me to go a whole day without a single vegetable.  I know.  It’s horrible, but they’re so much hassle to prepare, especially for food that doesn’t taste that good.  My new strategy is to get them in my breakfast, the time of the day when I’m most motivated, the time of the day where I haven’t started to lose steam yet.  I’m SO disciplined between 7:00 and 9:00 in the morning (although it does start to go downhill from there) so why not pack in as much healthy eating as I can while I’ve got the will power to do it?  Why not start the day with half of my veggies?

So how do you get two and half cups of veggies into your breakfast?  An omelette!  I’ve started doing this because I just feel so much better in the morning with all of those veggies and protein in my system.

I sauteed these veggies first in a tsp. of butter, starting with the onions-


Then I added these veggies


The asparagus had already been cooked.  (I know. The cheese is technically not a veggie, but it looked really pretty with the tomatoes and asparagus.)


Can you imagine?  All these veggies in the morning?  I just added two eggs, a smattering of cheese, and I had my breakfast.  (I ate a banana earlier in the morning before my exercise).   Then I had a yummy lunch to keep me going, more of a breakfasty lunch since that’s my favorite meal of the day.   I’ve got to keep this up you guys!  There’s something about blogging about it that makes me feel more accountable.

What is your favorite breakfast?

How do you like to make your omelettes?


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