Happy Birthday Ben! It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Happy Birthday Ben!  I love you so! 


Do you remember when?

Do you remember when you were just a brand new baby and you had a bad case of jaundice, and the doctor sent me home with a suitcase with lights in it, and I was supposed to put you under it for exactly 20 minutes, and I fell asleep sitting next to you, and you were in there about thirty minutes, and I cried and I cried because I was sure I had done irreparable damage to you?

Do you remember when you got lost at Walmart, and I panicked, and they had to make an announcement over the intercom, and I hugged you and scolded you like crazy when they found you?  Do you remember that happening about twenty other times in various stores and parks?

Do you remember when I was hurriedly packing for a Christmas trip to Utah and you found a Q-tip in the garbage and stuck it in your ear and started jumping on the bed and blew out your ear drum?

Do you remember how you discovered the phone and that became your favorite toy, and I thought it was great too, until I got a call from a very angry 911 call coordinator who said that I shouldn’t let you dial random numbers anymore?

Do you remember when you were running around with the other boys at a scout activity and you ran smack into a door jam, and we had to take you to get stitches?

I’m really, truly surprised they let us keep you.



Do you remember how excited you were when we brought your baby brother home from the hospital and you held him in your arms?

Do you remember your favorite little blanket, the one that you lost, and you were so sad until a dear neighbor made another one for you?


Do you remember how much you liked to hike except that you always needed to go potty exactly midway through the hike?  Remember how you insisted upon a full service bathroom?  Remember when both you and Eli needed to go and your dad hauled both of you through the wilderness, hightailing it back, and you barely made it in time?


Do you remember how excited you were to be baptized?


Do you remember how I made you study for the spelling bee in 6th grade, and you were so mad about it, but you learned every word on that list and even spelled hard words like leviathan, surprising yourself and everyone in the audience?  They finally had to go to the dictionary to throw new words at you and you still hung in for a while, taking third place.

Do you remember how I made a deal with you at your 6th grade cotillion that if you asked five girls to dance, I would throw you a party?  You asked eleven girls to dance and got all your friends to ask girls to dance too.

pictures of art show and cotillion 048

Remember how you climbed King’s Peak, a 54 mile insane hike, carrying your own backpack and toughing it out the entire way?

2012-07-19 12.37.21

Remember how one day you told your mom you were flunking all of your classes and then the next day you told her you were getting straight A’s?   Remember how you still do that to me about every week?

Remember how you were always the neighborhood leader, gathering all the boys to play kick the can or capture the flag?

Remember how all the scouts called you the fish whisperer because you caught twice as many fish as everyone else?

Remember how you went to put Deborah down for a nap, reading her a story, but unfortunately, she actually put you down for nap, and I found you snoring in her bed?

Remember all the basketball games you played in and are still playing in?

Remember how hard you worked at tennis?  Hitting ball after ball after ball?

Remember how you are the favorite older cousin to Lizzie and Emery and Neil?

I remember all of it, and that’s I’m so glad you are part of our family!


Do any of you have sweet memories of Ben?  Share them with us!


One comment

  1. This is just about the sweetest tribute you could leave for him.
    I remember when you guys were seriously considering naming him Lincoln.
    I remember when you threw me a surprise birthday party and it was also your birthday and you were 8 months pregnant. But that’s more of a sweet memory I have of you, not of Ben.
    I remember when I used to watch Ben twice a week while you went to your law classes. He was just a little new baby. I wonder what the heck I did with him. I probably had no clue how to care for a newborn. And I do remember the q-tip incident. Youch! And I remember over the years the many many conversations you have had about Ben and how to be the best mother possible to him. You’ve been amazing… helping him reach his potential through sports and academics and social life, etc. I don’t know how you have the energy. I bet the uncles have a lot of great memories. YOu should post the link on my family and see if you can get people to comment.

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