Overheard. I’m embarrassed to admit my family really said these things . . .

Truly, these statements were really overheard this week at our house.  And I just had to write them down.

Ricky:  This (arugula) kind of tastes like lettuce except it tastes grosser.

Good Dinner 196

Debi:  As she hurries and turns off the television and runs up the stairs.  So Mom we were just doing Just Dance 4 (approved).  I know the music might have sounded kind of like Minecraft (not approved), but it wasn’t Minecraft.  It was just Just Dance 4.

Debi: As she says the dinner prayer. Thank you that we can all bow our heads.  Thank you that we can close our eyes.  Thank you that we can all remember that I’m saying the prayer.

Image  Davy:  I’ll tell you what I’m not good at.  I’m not good at being stupid.  Wait.  What?

Dennis:  (my brother, who was dropping off his two-year-old daughter, Emery, to play with Debi for the day).  So Emery has been constipated for a while now, but I just gave her a bunch of prune juice this morning.  See ya later.


Debi: It’s not fair!  I never get to play!  And I have the most chores of anyone!  (Oh yeah?  Name one.) 

There’s so more funny things I wrote on a paper somewhere.  I’ll let you know if I find them!



  1. haha. My fave of Caroline lately when she says the prayer, “And please bless Sleeping Beauty, that she won’t prick her finger on the spinning wheel, and that it won’t hurt. “

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