Addicted to the Disney Channel

So after writing about Disney yesterday, I found an old post I wrote a few years ago.  It’s so funny because I don’t remember ANY of this.  I guess that’s important why we write things down.


Here we are at Disneyland.  I could seriously live there.

Today I was tired, and I sat down to match socks and watch television, but I couldn’t find the remote so all I could watch was the Disney Channel.  Have you ever noticed that everybody on the Disney channel wears colors like lime green and bright purple, lives in perfectly designed houses, and overreacts to everything?  Have you noticed that the shows sometimes touch on deep issues, but then glaze right over them like nothing is wrong (like when wizard sister changed her brother into a little girl, and the family pretty quickly adjusted to this change)?

Well, that’s why I love the Disney channel.  The characters are annoying, the plots are ridiculous, but hey, it is a breath of fresh air.  Like today, Teddy got stuck in a playground tube while wearing an octopus costume.  It wasn’t even really funny, but then it was kind of funny when her stocky dad went to get her out, and he got stuck in it too.

These shows are pretty compatible with my life right now.   I can actually hear and see them from my kitchen as I work.  The plots are simple enough that I can usually stay on top of things, even if I have to go change a diaper or put a child down for a nap.

And now we get to the question of why you are even reading this blog, because you thought you were supposed to get ADHD info, and that has happened maybe two times since this blog’s creation.  I’m sorry.  I’ve been distracted.  I need to go now because another Cinderella spinoff is about to start starring Selena Gomez.


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